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Call: 07525 208 738

As one of Scotlands newest and growing charities, we are a small charity with big ambitions.  We are always looking to create new and exciting opportunities that supports our work with children, young people and adults with additional support needs and disabilities achieve all they can in life.


Since 2010 we have helped countless people live the life they choose, breaking down the isolation, stigma and barriers of disbaility. We need your support in helping us achieve our mission, aims and goals.  Your support makes our work with disabled people possible, every pound raised and every minute of your time will make a massive difference to people’s lives. There are a number of ways in which you can support us:



> Volunteer with us






> Fundraise for us





> Corporate Partnership






> Make a donation




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<-> Could you give some time weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

<-> Do you have a skill or experience that could make an impact?

<-> Become a Board Member to help develop our organisation?

<-> Complete a Volunteer Application Here and get involved in what we do

<-> Do you take part in any events or challenges?

<-> Could you do some sponsorship events or activities for us?

<-> You could organise an event,

<-> Are you a local business or company looking to support a local cause?

<-> Could you provide goods, gifts, donations or funds to support our work?

<-> It could be hands on support, staff time, materials or advice?

<-> Make us your Charity of the Year for your Business or Company?

<-> Could you donate items or goods that we could use?

<-> Do you want to donate an amount of money to support our work?

<-> You could Donate the proceeds from your event or party?

<-> Do you want to make a Donation reguarly through Direct Debit, Payroll or setup a legacy for the future?

<-> Make a Donation via Wonderful by clicking here:


Every penny and pound donated to Include Me 2 Club goes into the delievry of our locally run volunteer led services,  to benefit and impact children, young people and adults with additional support needs and disabilties.    By giving local, you can see, hear and feel the impact that we make, it doesn't go to pay bank loans, credit payments, dircetors or shareholders, it goes to the people and places that need it most.